This service for Vertue owners allows their boats to be displayed when they are For Sale. A small selection of up to date photos is included, together with the selling owner’s email address. Further details about all the boats can be found on each of the boat’s own ‘page’, in the main database. Please get in touch directly with the owners if you would like to buy their boat. These are all seriously classic boats, each one with her own distinctive character, yet all sharing the impeccable Laurent Giles Vertue pedigree.


Sally II, a Laurent Giles 5-tonner, built in 1937, sail number V2, is for sale, the second Vertue in that most famous class, although the name only became associated with these sturdy, record breaking wee yachts after the war, when astonishing transatlantic and long distance feats were achieved by the likes of Humphrey Barton and others. Sally was commissioned by a Poole solicitor for local sailing, but in her time has cruised all over the UK, from Wales, across Channel to France, and currently on the West coast of Scotland. Structurally in excellent condition – her tungum bronze floors, lead keel, bronze bolts, pitch pine on massive oak timbers, have stood up well, and she makes next to no water on her mooring. After 30 years in the same ownership, she is tired and deserves an owner who can wield a paint brush and sander. Her Yanmar IGM 10 diesel is a few years old, with very low hours. Her six Richardson sails good for many more miles. Her varnished Noble mast almost like new. Sally has featured in many modest cruising stories in various magazines. An archive of photos and documents includes her original bill of sale from Elkins, a Blue Book and much more besides. Bought by her current owner for £10,000, with a recent survey, she is for sale at £15,000. A sheltered mooring is available, just across the loch from wooden boatbuilders Johnson & Loftus where she is slipped annually for maintenance.” Adrian Morgan

Sally II on her mooring near Ullapool

Roger Robinson Writes: This boat is a very rare example of those few early Vertues whose purity of line and exquisite proportions first made people take note of these Giles 5 Tonners. There are very few of them left in the UK as several were lost many years ago, or are now treasured abroad. Sally‘s nearest sister-ship, Karesta Ferida, with her slim rubbing band similarly accentuating that sublime sheerline, went to the USA, as did Charis, while ‘V3’ Monie is in Italy. Sally is surely one for the Vertue connoisseur.

PRICE £15,000

Contact: Adrian Morgan



Under sail some years ago off her home port of Dartmouth.

Immaculate topsides. Virtue Fidelis is one of the ‘long cockpit’ Vertues.

Launching, showing underwater shape. Being relaunched in November 2022.

She has some outstanding joinery work such as the recessed fore hatch. Seen here during her refit in September 2022.

Seamanlike accommodation with some classic Laurent Giles design detailing.


Owner: Philip Key

Price Reduced Again! : £13,500

Email address: PHILIP KEY <>



SPARROW rigged for doubling Cape Horn!

Completing her recent deep refit

Sparrow in cruising trim

Beautifully built interior


Still the most famous Vertue II since Daniel Hays and his father doubled the Horn in her,  20 years and one day after Bill Nance in Cardinal Vertue.

“Fiberglass/grp.  No engine. Deck, topsides and cabin awl-gripped 2023. Custom built and over rigged for Cape Horn voyage, 1985. My Dad and I had the unfinished hull shipped from England and built her up to be rolled over. She can be hung from her cleats and is 80 – 90% ready for the circumnavigation I am now too old for.”


Brooklin, Maine USA 

Lots of photos and details, contact Daniel at 



Serif under sail in Plymouth

SERIF, V28 is for sale in Plymouth. Built by Cardnells in 1948, of mahogany on oak, she has the sublime, springy sheer of the early Vertues. She has a more spacious cockpit than most, and is an outstanding early Vertue in excellent condition. She is usually wintered ashore, inside at Mashfords.

Very reasonably priced at £14,500 because her

owner, John Suter, is keen that she goes to the right


John Suter can be reached at