We’re delighted to be launching this new website with information about the Laurent Giles designed Vertue Class of small cruising yacht.

As well as some essential background detailing the History and Design of Vertues and their creator Laurent Giles, at the heart of the site we have started building a database of known Vertues. This database, which you can find under ‘The Boats‘ will include images, videos, stories, basic technical specifications and, should the owners wish, contact information so that fellow Vertue owners and enthusiasts can get in touch with each other.

We are already in touch with a number of Vertue owners all over the world and hope to widen the scope of this communication. With this in mind, we very much invite input from both current and past owners of Vertues, as well as from other interested people.

Still to come, we’ll be building a bibliography of published material on all aspects of Vertues, including books and magazine articles, and adding to our Links page with addresses of other Vertue-related sites around the web.

We hope that our enthusiasm for these fantastic boats comes across and inspires some new connections with Vertue owners around the world, and that the site will remain interesting and entertaining for many years to come.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Roger Robinson