V II grp 21 SUYUAN

We have examined various sources and it is our best guess that Suyuan is indeed the grp Junk rigged Vertue pictured above.  We are very keen to be able to confirm this as soon as possible, and find out more about this very interesting boat.

The most famous junk rigged Vertue is Speedwell of Hong Kong, V44, which was converted from bermudan rig by her owner Shirley Carter over two decades ago.




We are not at all certain that this is the right boat, but hope that we will be able to confirm it soon.  The caption to this photograph says that she was fitted out by Seabird Marine Services, who are no longer in business.  Any information about them would be most welcome.

Speedwell of Hong Kong

Speedwell of Hong Kong


  • Laurent Giles design No: 718
  • Builder: Hull by Bossoms of Oxford
  • Launch Date: ?
  • Hull Material: grp
  • Deck: gr[
  • Engine:
  • Ballast keel material:
  • Doghouse: Long
  • Cockpit: Short
  • Berths:
  • Rig: Chinese lug or junk rig on single unstayed mast.
  • Mast: Unstayed (metal?) mast
  • Heads'ls: None
  • Backstay arrangement: No stays
  • Home Port: Used to be Alicante, Spain
  • Current Owner: ?
  • Contact details:
  • Email address:
  • Other comments: Suyuan was based on the east coast of Spain around 2004. We are very keen to hear more about her.