V 173 (Southern Vertue)

 The drawings were sent to the Underhayes in East Devonport, Tasmania, and construction apparently commenced in November 1975.  Was the boat ever completed and launched?  We do hope so and would be delighted to tell the story of what happened next.



The Underhayes had discussions with the designers in 1975 and ordered a set of drawings for a bermudan cutter-rigged ocean Vertue with alloy spars.  Was she ever completed?


  • Laurent Giles design No: 712 Underhayes
  • Builder: (Jeff & Bobby Underhayes)
  • Launch Date: ?
  • Hull Material:
  • Deck:
  • Engine:
  • Ballast keel material:
  • Doghouse:
  • Cockpit:
  • Berths:
  • Rig:
  • Mast:
  • Heads'ls:
  • Backstay arrangement:
  • Home Port:
  • Current Owner:
  • Contact details:
  • Email address:
  • Other comments: Was the boat ever completed?