Here is a selection of photographs of several other early Vertues.  All of them have retained their short coachroofs, although several now step their mast on deck.  All are rigged as masthead bermudan sloops.

Vertue 002 Sally II

Sally II in Scotland


Charis V 4 racing in the Solent


Epeneta V5




Francolin V6


Kawan V7


Caupona V8


Karesta Ferida V11


Jessica V13





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Here is Andrillot’s exquisitely proportioned original design drawing.  It illustrates her low, yet powerful-looking hull with it’s lively sheer accentuated by the prominent, thickened sheerstrake.    This, together with her moderately raked transom and short overhangs clearly indicate her working boat ancestry.  Her mast is stepped well ‘into’ her and the low, short coachroof continues the theme of moderation and harmony.   It is unremarkable but cannot be improved upon, and any change will only diminish the purity of the concept.  This is the mark of the genius that Jack Giles demonstrated in this iconic design.


Andrillot with her tall, 37′ pole masted gaff cutter rig.  She was concieved by Jack Giles alongside Wanderer II that he was designing for Eric Hiscock at the same time, over the winter of 1935.

Wanderer II was commissioned at the same time as Andrillot and Jack Giles later took the opportunity of racing the two boats up and down the Solent in order to compare their performance.


Thumb V 2-13

Andrillot was much admired and her first sister-ship, Sally II, was given a masthead bermudan sloop rig, which Giles had already used on the Lymington L class.  This is Monie, the third boat to Andrillot’s lines.  Until 1946, all the sister-ships were given this rig and they all had the short, low coachroof which stopped abaft the mast.  This is one of the essential characteristics of the ‘early’ Vertues.

Here is Monie with Humphrey Barton and his wife aboard.   The clear decks and dinghy stowed upside down on top of the low coachroof abaft the mast are key attributes of the early Vertues.

Here is Andrillot in 2020 with her extended coachroof after her recent refit.


V 1 Andrillot

Andrillot laid up in Topsham a few years ago with her long coachroof and bermudan cutter rig.


Andrillot about to be lifted out for a refit, with Caupona beyond.

Andrillot about to be lifted out for a refit, with Caupona beyond.

Andrillot preparing to sail to Germany where she is now kept.

Uli Killer is now Andrillot’s tenth owner.  After Dick Kinnersly, she was owned by:

S.J.Lawrence, D.R. Anstey, S. Walker, V.W. Hargreaves, T.H. Bagnall, P.D. Quilter, N Reid and then the Stevenson Family.






  • Laurent Giles design No: 15
  • Builder: Moody, Swanwick UK
  • Launch Date: 1936
  • Hull Material: Oregon pine on oak
  • Deck: Canvas over pine
  • Engine: Diesel
  • Ballast keel material: Lead
  • Doghouse: None
  • Cockpit: Shallow
  • Berths: 3
  • Rig: Bermudan Cutter
  • Mast: As masthead sloop
  • Heads'ls: Jib & stays'l
  • Backstay arrangement: Standing & runners
  • Home Port: Flensburg, Germany
  • Current Owner: Uli Killer
  • Contact details:
  • Email address:
  • Other comments: Just completed refit including rebuilding lengthened coachroof.