V 16 MEULETTE  (Presumed lost, since 1959)



Meulette may still be sailing but it is unlikely.  Stolen from her Canadian owner, Dr. Corbett by Colin Sullivan in 1959, she was sailed from Barbados to Cartagena, in Columbia.  Sullivan sold her on but was later aprehended and served 3 years in an English prison!  The boat has not been ‘seen’ since, but the oceans are large.


  • Laurent Giles design No: 59
  • Builder: E.F. Elkins, Christchurch, Hampshire.
  • Launch Date: 1947
  • Hull Material: Probably teak & mahogany on oak.
  • Deck: Probably canvas on pine.
  • Engine: Yes
  • Ballast keel material: Not known.
  • Doghouse: Short
  • Cockpit: Short
  • Berths: One or two only
  • Rig: Masthead bermudan sloop
  • Mast: Wood
  • Heads'ls: Genoa and stays'ls
  • Backstay arrangement: Single with runners
  • Home Port: Last seen Cartagena, Columbia
  • Current Owner: Lost
  • Contact details:
  • Email address:
  • Other comments: Built with unusual interior layout.