We would especially like to thank Simon Burton of Bossoms Boat Yard for the information he has contributed about the GRP Vertues that this company has fitted out over the years.  Sadly, they are not currently producing any Vertues, but still have access to the moulds, and if several potential owners showed some real interest……..who knows what numbers of these very special little boats might be built.  We would be delighted to co-ordinate any interest in this at VertueYachts.com. if required.
Vertue II thumbnailVII 17 Exody
Vertue II thumbnailVII 21 Jillie
Vertue II thumbnailVII 23 Delphic
Vertue II thumbnailVII 26 Vertuosity
Vertue II thumbnailVII 29 Padlock
Vertue II thumbnailVII 3o Vastry
Vertue II thumbnailVII 31 Rahala
Vertue II thumbnailVII 33 Ilmatar
Vertue II thumbnailVII 35 Merikala
Vertue II thumbnailVII 37 Abred